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Did you know that everything around you vibrates at a particular frequency–even you?

Yes, even your own body has its very own unique vibration.

You might be familiar with vibrations coming from the bass at a really loud concert, or if you’ve ever seen a series of Tibetan sound bowls being used.

We are all exposed to a variety of frequencies that many of us are not fully aware of much of the time: but your cells are much more sensitive, as well as receptive, to these worldly vibrations in ways you may not even realize.

We can use sound vibrations to reduce stress

and even heal common conditions by calibrating the vibrations to have a positive effect on your body.

Sound healing is an ancient practice: with the rapid development of technology in the last half a century, science has given us the opportunity to present you with a cutting edge, customized, very special healing tool. 


Vibroacoustics is the technology that transforms sound you hear into sound you can feel, which is what you will experience on our sound tables.

There are state of the art transducers installed in the table to translate different frequencies through the cushioning liquid layer into your body, as well as specified auditory stimulation along with the vibrations throughout your body.

Our Game Changer

There is a key component with these tables that has been groundbreaking to the development and perfection of this healing method: water.

Water is an excellent conduit for frequencies, because unlike solid matter, water has a remarkably flexible surface tension.

This means, it reacts almost instantly to any sound, transmitting the vibrations to your body with a meticulous level of accuracy..

Our bodies are made up of about 75% of water: so when used in conjunction with the liquid sound tables, your body will be getting the most direct vibroacoustic treatment. 

We have over FIFTY specialized frequency series for you to choose from so we can help you perfectly customize your treatment plan and find what works for YOU. 

"Being on the sound bed has been an extremely relaxing and calming experience. So far, I have had three sessions using the sound bed and I have felt a cumulative benefit. By my second session, I became relaxed very quickly and on the 3rd session I felt even more relaxed, as though I had just come out of a deep meditation. I felt calm yet very rejuvenated at the same time. Also, after using the sound bed I have had good and sound sleep for almost a week. For someone whose mind is always active, this was a great way to let go and return to a state of ease and calm. I will definitely include the sound bed in my wellness tool kit!"


Phoenix W.

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